Strategy lies at the heart of an organization’s success, requiring hard choices about the moves it will make now and in the future. But to set a winning strategy, leaders need a firm understanding of the dynamics driving change and innovation, and tools for securing growth opportunities and reducing risk.

It’s a daunting challenge: How do you move forward at speed despite enormous uncertainty? eComzBiz provides the answer. Our unique “Today Forward, Future Back” approach enables you to create value now as you move toward your future vision, with the flexibility to adapt as scenarios change. We’ll help you make critical choices and choreograph your transformation journey as you bring your core to your full potential and build new growth engines.

We offer a wide range of proprietary tools and services that support every element of strategy development. Our ultimate goal is to collaborate with clients to achieve exceptional results.

Business Strategy & Growth

Growth Strategy

Create microcosms of the nimble, responsive company you want to become—or once were—and scale them across your organization to revive insurgency and make your size a benefit, not a burden.

Frontline Empowerment

Energize your star players by giving them the autonomy and authority to take on your biggest challenges

Relentless Experimentation

Test and learn in the market to quickly discover what works best

Improved Execution

Reboot cross-functional collaboration to enhance a “get things done” mindset as you scale your solutions

Customer Focus

Reinvigorate your leadership team by bringing the voice of the customer back to your executive meetings